Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Apple Story

October 17th, 36 volunteers gleaned at Johnston's Orchard.

We got 5,235lbs of apples from Johnston's...

...and 150L of Cider from Joe Tracy's community cider pressing.
Joe Tracy's apples go from his truck into a bleach solution;
a mechanized grinder pulverizes the apples;
buckets of apple mix getting dumped into the cider press...
(Joe Tracy's custom made cider press)
...and finally "the twist" produces the juice.
Stay tuned for plans to grow this five year tradition of apple gleaning and processing into an event for the community at large in 2015. The more apple varieties the better the cider, and certainly meal sites can best be served with a healthy drink already made than too many apples in their limited storage.

This year we distributed 5,000lbs of apples to pantries and 60L of cider to meal sites. 
Thank you gleaners and community members for making this possible.

Happy Holidays to all, see you in 2015!

Hannah & The Gleaning Team

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