Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Gleaning Intern Returned, by Celia Hurvitt

            Over the past couple weeks of emerging summer, I have been out gleaning at many distinct farms around Hancock County. From John Hyk’s rows of spinach at his market garden in Prospect, to Runwater Farm’s plot of deer tongue lettuce, Four Season Farm and Beech Hill Farm greenhouses, each of the farms we have gleaned at has a particular nuance that I have had the joy of exploring.
It was only last June that I went out gleaning for the first time. At Pat and Mike’s Garden, in Ellsworth, we were greeted by a slobbery sweet dog and a cheerful invitation from its owner: “Take that whole row of lettuce,” and “do you need to use the hose? Would you like anything to snack on?” Katie and I spent a few hours amongst their beds, getting our knees covered with dirt and salvaging the seconds greens not fit to be sold. Once we finished  filling our yellow crates to the brim with fresh heads of lettuce we reluctantly left, lingering to pat the dog on the head and hoping we could come back soon.